All My Life
Leigh Whitmore is engaged to marry her British beau, Roy Shaw, who convinces her to move to his hometown of London, England. One night while Leigh is out at a coffe house with a friend she is 'forced' to sing with the house band for a number. Little does she know, but a man who works at Abbey Road Studios is in the audience and offers her a recording contract. Things take off from here, and Leigh meets a rather 'intersting' man and his friends who will remain with her all her life.

I was inspired to write this story after reading all of the other wonderful fan fic's on the web. So this story is dedicated to all of the Beatle Fan Fiction authors out there. I know how difficult it is to write these, and I also know how WONDERFUL it is to write these. Thanks to all of you!

Okay, you knew that this was coming, there are a few rules you have to abide to if you want to read this story.

1. This is my original work. There's this law about taking other's work and labeling it as your own. It's called PLAGIARISM and it's agains't the law. Write to me if you have questions about anything concerning this subject.

2. I'm not an expert on the sixties, hell, my MOTHER was born in '61! So if I get anything wrong concerning the time era, write to me and let me know, and I promise, I'm correct it.

3.THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION! Please do NOT take any of this seriously. This was written for a giggle and for entertainment purposes, not so that I can have people writing to me and complaining. Once again, if you have any suggestions or complaints, please write to me and I will address the issues promptly.

4.Have Fun!! The Beatles were a fun group who LOVED to joke around - please keep that spirit in mind when reading ANY Beatles fan fiction. It's fiction and it's meant to be fun, so don't be such a grouch and pick out every little wrong bit of information (i.e. Paul doesn't drink that kind of tea, Ringo doesn't like those ciggerettes).

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